Welcome to Viridis. We offer a wide range of analytical, research, and development services to the cannabis community in Massachusetts.

The Viridis science team has extensive laboratory and professional experience in organic chemistry, botany, biology, and pharmaceutical sciences. Each member is dedicated to providing insightful and relative information to you.

Viridis transparently operates in accordance with protocols set forth for accreditation by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO/IEC 17025:2005). We also adhere to responsibilities outlined in the “Protocol for Sampling and Analysis of Finished Medical Marijuana Products and Marijuana-Infused Products for Massachusetts Registered Medical Marijuana Dispensaries”, and section 105 CMR 725.105(C)(2) from the “Implementation of an act for the Humanitarian use of Marijuana in Massachusetts.

We look forward to working with you so there is never a question about the nature of your cannabis.

James Kocis

General Manager, Laboratory Director:

Please call (508) 485-0578 to learn more about any of our services or schedule a tour of our facility in Southborough, MA. 

Viridis Workflow

At Viridis, excellent customer service is our top priority.

We designed our systems with our clients in mind. When working with Viridis, you can count on fast and comprehensive results to meet your compliance needs. Our expert staff uses advanced technology to consistently deliver reliable testing to an ever-changing industry.

From potency through contamination testing and analysis, Viridis satisfies your regulatory, research, and development needs.